Release Notes Edit

(copied from Sparrow Autohotkey Forum Thread found here )

About Edit

Sparrow is a webserver completly written in AHK, which nativly supports AHK scrips being embedded in HTML. So called HKML files (pronounce H-Key-ML). The results are sent back to requested browser.

JumpStart Edit

Download the file, extract it (rename the folder if u like) start the script with the name sparrow.core.ahk open ur browser and type in lh (it autoexpands to http://localhost:81/index.hkml) press enter and enjoy.

1st AID - Trouble Shooting Edit

Bind to different IP address ... open file sparrow.settings.ahk and look for change it to an IP of your choice (likely also check if port 81 is free might be neccessary to change this one, too (same file) save and restart ( if sparrow is running hit ctrl+f12 to reload the server )

See for more information

Warning Edit

This script is using named pipes and wont run in windows 9x . See also Sparrow Caveats

Environment Edit

It has been successfully tested on ahk (winxp sp2) and ahk (win2k sp4) and yes, it does serves pages into the net if u allow it

This version has been reported to work with Vista, too. (Thx, ChalamiuS)

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