Before we begin... Edit

Stuff to Check Edit

Make sure you have an SVN Client installed. For Windows using TortoiseSVN client might be a good choice. You can obtain a fresh copy of the Tortoise Installer from here:

After installing the SVN client restart Windows to activate the registry bindings before starting with step 1

SVN Checkout from a remote repository Edit

Step 1 Edit

Choose a place where you want to store the repository you're going to check out. Either create a new folder, choose an existing one (if You feel adventurous) or let the TortoiseSVN Client do he work and simply continue with step 2


Step 2 Edit

Fire up the contextmenu, by clicking in the background of a windows explorer or by rightclicking the created folder from step 1 and choose SVN Checkout



Step 3 Edit

Enter the Sparrow SVN repository address: svn:// and make sure that in the input field below your chosen directory is mentioned


- wait a lil while to let tortoise sync the remote repo with your local copy -

Step 4 Edit

Open the folder and see if it looks similar to this picture (meaning: the green checkmarks from Tortoise atop the standard symbols)